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Jolie-Pitt kids too much to handle?

Jolie-Pitt kids too much to handle?

Jolie-Pitt kids too much to handle?Ever since Angelina Jolie took Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston, ‘Brangelina’ has been a favorite for tabloids and the gossip press. Although Angelina has a reputation for being a wild child, she has since reformed and embraced motherhood, adopting as well as having her own children to build a ‘rainbow family.’ ‘Brangelina’ adopted three kids from different countries, then had three of their own. But according to the Enquirer, the ‘Brangelina’ kids are out of control and their house is ‘like a war zone.’ Angelina and Brad have kicked butt in various movie roles, but can they deal with their own kids?

3 Responses to “Jolie-Pitt kids too much to handle?”

  1. guli1 says:

    WTF!!!! What a STUPID comment!!! Angie TOOK Brad from that talentless TV sitcom actress LMAO!!!!!!!! Is Brad a wallet you can steal away..Stop rewriting history… Brad and jennifer’s marriagge was OVER in 2003…January 2003 she forgot to thank Brad at GG’s. In March he left for Malta to film Troy…in SIX monhts of shooting she visited him ONCE..Ohhh that is a healthy marriage NOT! Brad said their marriage was a merger/ experiment! Stop lying leave this gorgeous family alone!

  2. SeanStrife says:

    Heh heh heh, Lara Croft and Tyler Durden… that gave me a chuckle.

  3. SuperRollyTrolly says:

    Can I say first?

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